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MATV Headend System Products

MATV Distribution Amplifiers

TLE offers a variety of Over-the-Air HDTV distribution amplifiers

All models enhance the TV/FM signal to overcome distribution system loss, while maintaining high signal quality. Assistance to integrate amplifier selection with distribution system design is available.

  • Single channel and broadband models
  • Available for: VHF, FM, UHF, and RF (5 to 900 MHz)
  • Custom enhancements - inquire
  • Reliable performance, low noise figure
  • Impedance matched
  • Improved signal to noise ratio
  • UL approved power adapter and low power consumption
  • 75 ohms, F-connectors for input & output

HDTV amplifier

Off-the-Air (HDTV) Low Noise Distribution Amplifiers

Low noise (1.5 dB) amplifiers for residential and small HDTV distribution systems. Gain: 16 or 25dB for VHF Hi thru UHF band (chs 7-13, 14-51 - 174 to 700 MHz). Bandpass filtered to reject CB, FM and 750 to 1200 MHz communications signals.

TA-16 and TA-25-174-700 data sheet

Click: Table - MATV amps

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RF Switch: 2 inputs & 1 output

Multiple Broadband Antenna Switchers

RF Switchers

Our TL-EMS Series allow you to access multiple broadband antennas for Tv systems and/or Test and Measurement applications. See RF Switchers for more information.

Example application: Using the TL-EMS-2x1 (see left) to switch between two antenna input signals for TV output or comparison purposes.

Adjacent Single Channel VHF Amplifiers (AGC)

Discontinued -- TA-62-AGC and TA-75-AGC

High gain, single channel amplifiers for VHF Headend, adjacent channel operation (e.g., 2,3,4,...7.8.9 - see MATV Headend). They offer high output for large distribution systems, reliable performance, and good picture quality. Available for chs: 2 to 13, 14 to 26 (CATV)

TA-62AGC series

  • Stable Output Level: +60dBmV
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) - maintains steady signal output, regardless of any off-air signal fluctuation
  • Adjacent Channel Filtered;
  • Low noise figure: 5 dB

TA-75AGC series

  • Rack mount version of TA-62AGC includes:
  • Sound reducer to prevent sound interference on upper adjacent channel
  • Semi-adjacent channel loop thru
  • Output level control: 20 dB range
  • Test points: input and output
  • Auxiliary AC outlet for power looping

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Adjacent Channel Modulators (CATV and UHF)

TC-2AVM and TC-AVM series

Fixed frequency modulators, designed for adjacent channel operation. Typical applications include:

  1. MATV Headend modulators for audio/video sources, such as, VCR, Satellite receiver.
  2. Surveillance camera modulator for CATV system ( insert after channel deletion)
  3. Click for example: MATV Headend.

TC-2AVM is available for: chs T7 to T13, 2 to 6

TC-AVM is available for: chs 2 to ZZ62 - adjacent operation; and 63 to 90 CATV, 14-69 UHF - semi- adjacent operation.

  • Good picture quality and reliable operation
  • Output level:+ 25, +45, or +57dBmV
  • Crystal Controlled (frequency stable output)
  • Level controls: Input A/V, and Output RF
  • Bandpass filtered for Adjacent channel operation

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Single Channel Converters: TC-Series

Discontinued ------TC-Series

Custom channel-to-channel conversions. Designed to change the input frequency of a TV channel to a different output frequency TV channel.

  • All conversions are crystal controlled, frequency stable & accurate.
  • TC-series is intended for semi-adjacent operation
  • TC-series can be used in VHF adjacent operation - but requires external adjacent bandpass and/ or adjacent channel processor (e.g., TA-62-AGC amplifier)
  • Input level recommended:+10 to+ 20 dBmV
  • Signal Gain of the converter 1 to 5 dB.
  • Maximum Output: + 30 dBmV
  • Available channel conversions - see below
  • Applications: Click for > MATV Headend

Example Conversions:

Example #1: TC-4 ch.57 to ch.7
Convert - Input ch.57 (UHF) to output ch.7

Example #2: TC-34A ch.3 to ch.65
Convert - Input ch.3 (VCR) to CATV ch. 65

Conversions types available: *

TV <> Sub-TV
TV <> IF (41-47 MHz)

* Note: Most conversions are available.
Exceptions: conversions with < 60 MHz separation between input & output channel frequencies, and "forbidden conversions". (inquire to find out more about them)

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