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Pricing Policy

Because we service a large range of customers from all over the world and meet various custom demands, we cannot offer set prices on our products. However, our visitors and clients are encouraged to contact us with their inquiries or to make a custom product order and we will respond quickly and offer a price quota for the product(s) in question.


All our filters are custom-made to our customers' specifications.

The model number is for reference only. Each unit is unique for your applications.

Prices are based on your requirements. Prices range from USD $150.00 and up. Please contact us for price quotation before ordering.

Some of the factors required to calculate the price are:

  • Selectivity requirements
  • Channel or frequency range
  • Passband (e.g. 250 MHz or 1000 MHz)
  • Level of attenuation
  • Connectors and impedance
  • Dimension limitations
  • Wall mount or Rack mount
  • Enclosure: Indoor or outdoor
  • Connectors and impedance
  • Digital or Analog signal
  • Express delivery or normal service?
  • Quantity
  • Other special requirements (e.g DC passing, RF power handling)

  • It would be useful if you could describe:
  • Your existing system
  • Your application
  • Your general location

A price quotation will be sent to you after we have received your information.

How to Order

Fax: (416) 690-0932 or (866) 690-0932

Email: sales@tinlee.com

Screen-Fillable Order Form: