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Notch Filters for CATV / MATV / RF / FM Systems

Fixed and Tunable Models (0.8 to 1000 MHz)

Overview: Notches and Traps

General Description

  • TLE offers single frequency notch filters ranging from 0.8 to 1000 MHz
  • Notch filters are designed to attenuate a signal at one center frequency (Fo) with minimal loss to neighbouring signals, and, provide the bandwidth needed to pass all desired signals.
  • Notch filters are generally used to attenuate interfering signals, and provide additional selectivity in receiving systems.
  • Models are available with fixed center frequency (Fo), or with frequqncy tuneable Fo.
  • Notch depth (attenuation) can be specified from 10 to 70 dB.
  • Notches can be combined for greater attenuation, notch width, and frequency stability.
  • Notch filters are recommended for indoor operation, outdoor operation optional
  • A Custom notch can be specified for the required centre frequency, selectivity, attenuation level, bandwidth, impedance and connectors.

CATV Notches

  • Available for a center frequency from 5 to 999 MHz
  • CATV return path models have Fo and bandwidth from 5 to 60 MHz
  • CATV forward path models have Fo from 50 to 999 MHz, and bandwidth 5 to 750/870/1000 MHz
  • Filter impedance is 75 ohms with F-type connectors
  • FM Notch models for CATV include fixed and tuneable single notches with 5 to 750/870 MHz bandwidth
  • FM multiple notch for FM and ch.A5(95)-A1(99) deletion from CATV Spectrum is available: customized for exact spectrum deletion and to preserve signals

FM Notches

  • Center frequency can be specified from 88 to 108 MHz
  • Sharp, ultrasharp, fixed frequency and tuneable frequency models are available
  • Bandwidth for VHF/FM (10-250 MHz) or VHF/UHF systems (5/400-800 MHz)
  • Filter Impedance is available for 75 ohms (F, BNC) or 50 ohms (BNC, N)
  • Multiple notch models for FM band deletion are available: customized for exact spectrum deletion and to preserve signals, e.g., attenuate 88-108 MHz, pass 109.25 and above (Marine Navigation band)
  • Custom-made FM multiple notches for specified FM carriers are also available

Off-Air Antenna Notches

  • Off-air notches can have centre frequency 40 to 800 MHz
  • Used to selectively attenuate desired frequencies to improve reception
  • Bandwidth for VHF 40-250 MHz or VHF/UHF 40-250/470-800 MHz, or 40 to 800 MHz
  • Models are available for 75 ohms (F, BNC) or 50 ohms (BNC, N)
  • Indoor and outdoor enclosures available

RF Notch Filters (Custom): 0.8 to 1000 MHz, 75 or 50 ohms

  • RF notch center frequency can be specified from 0.3 to 900 MHz
  • Filter port impedance can be 75 ohms or 50 ohms (user-specified)
  • Available with a variety of connector options: F, BNC, SMA, or N
  • Details RF notch specifications - please refer to CATV and Off-Air TV/FM models
  • Custom multiple notches for multi-frequency attenuation (seperate or contiguous) available