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CATV - Lowpass Elimination Filters

CE7-LP: Adjacent Channel "Brickwall" Lowpass
BR7-LP LQ: Semi-Adjacent Channel Lowpass
LP7E: Lowpass Eliminator (General Transition - 5%)
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Model CE7-LP: Adjacent Channel Lowpass

CE7-LP - Deep stopband, abrupt roll-off


"Brickwall" lowpass filter is specially designed to pass the lower segment of the cable TV spectrum, from 5 MHz to a specified cut-off (Fc), and delete the TV spectrum from the next channel above, for insertion of desired content.

  • Example: CE7-LP ch.60/61 pass signals up to ch.60, and removes ch.61 and above for reuse (see graph)
  • Cut off (Fc) is available from channels for 2 to 104, or, from 50 to 700 MHz.
  • Sharp Passband / Stopband transition (1.5 MHz)
  • No channel is lost in the transition
  • Passband loss: <1.5dB ± .5 dB (except near Fc)
  • Cut-off channel loss: 3.5dB video, 5 to 7.5 dB audio
  • Stopband attenuation: 55 dB typ (to 750 /1000 MHz )
  • Supplied with production graph

Example Graphs

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Model BR7-LP LQ : Semi-Adjacent Lowpass

BR7-LP LQ - Deep stopband, very sharp roll-off


Lowpass filter is designed to pass frequencies from 5 MHz to a specified cut-off (Fc), and delete signals one channel (8 MHz) above the cutoff for insertion of local content.

  • Example: models BR7-LP ch.62/64 LQ and BR7-LP ch.103/105 LQ plots provided ...
  • Passband to stopband transition is 8 MHz
  • Passband loss: < 1.5dB; Ripple: <1dB
  • Stopband attenuation: 55dB typical
  • Loss at cut-off channel (Fc): 3dB (video) 5dB (audio)
  • Fc available from chs 2 to 116 (from 50 to 750 MHz)
  • Power passing (or AC/DC blocked)
  • Supplied with production graph

Example Graphs

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Model LP7E : Lowpass Eliminator ( General Transition - 5% )

LP7E -Deep stopband, sharp roll-off


Lowpass will pass all signals from 0 MHz to a specified cut-off (Fc), and remove all signals in the stopband ( Fs and above) for insertion of new programs. Frequency separation between Fc and Fs is 5% (see Order info for details).

  • Customer specified passband or stopband ( Fc / Fs)
  • Fc available from CATV ch. 2 to 116
  • Sharp cut-off (trap enhanced - 5% transition)
  • Passband loss <1dB ± .5dB ripple
  • Cutoff loss( Fc): <4.0 dB
  • Stopband: 55 dB typical ( up to 750 /1000 MHz)
  • Indoor or Outdoor housing
  • Example graph provided - see LP7-ch.70/75
  • Variety of models available - see Table of LP7E

Example Graphs

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