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Custom Diplexers

High Performance Custom Diplexers ...

  • Consists of a lowpass and highpass joined to a common port, and built to specified requirements
  • Standard LH7 (see Table: LH7) can be customized - guard band (10% frequency separation) required
  • More complex Diplexer networks can be built to your requirements, e.g, "Brickwall" Lowpass and Highpass with common port (1.5 MHz guard band)
  • Custom Diplexers are available on quotation basis
  • To specify filter, basic info to include are shown in fig.1 and listed below ...

Basic Specifications list:

Lowpass Specs: Highpass Specs:
Fc1 : 3 dB cutoff frequency (in MHz) Fc2: 3 dB cutoff frequency (in MHz)
Passband: Fb to Fc1 (in MHz) Passband: Fc2 to Fs (in MHz)
Loss: <1dB (or 4.5 dB with combiner *) Loss: <1.5dB (or < 5dB with combiner *)
Ripple:: .as low as .25 dB Ripple: as low as .5 dB
Return loss: from 14 to 20 dB Return loss: 12 to 18 dB
Isolation: from 20 to 70 dB Isolation: from 20 dB to 70 dB
(Guard band):
1.5 MHz Minimum
1.5 MHz
Power pass AC/DC (DC block available) Power pass Non (AC/DC pass -inquire)

General Specs:

Model number:
As per Quote
Operating bandwidth:
from Fb to Fs (in MHz
Guard band:
specify Fc1 & Fc2 (frequency separation 1.5 MHz min*)
75 ohms standard (50 ohms - option
Indoor standard (outdoor - option)
Physical dimensions:
depends on RF characteristics of diplexer
Type F (BNC, SMA or N types - option)

* Broadband signal combiner is required to combine low and high bands when Fc1 and Fc2 are frequency separated by less < 5 % (additional 3.5 dB insertion loss).

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